Friday, January 15, 2010

Annie at the Fox Theatre: Perfect show if you need a lift!

Many of us know the tunes from Annie by heart. They pop into our head at the most appropriate times... the sun'll come up tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun... it's the hard knock life for us... and my sister's favorite, 'little girls, little girls, everywhere I turn I can see them' (she has three little girls).

Annie has a song and a message for every mood and happenstance in our lives. While watching the show at the Fox earlier this week I found myself reflecting that it is the perfect show for our current tough times. The message of overcoming any trial, of finding a bit of sun tomorrow and of being hopeful no matter what life throws at us gave my overall outlook on life a lift! Plus, everything turns our just swell at the end so what could be better?

The current show at the absolutely fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta continues the tradition of excellence that has been a part of Annie since 1977. All ages filled the theatre... and every one of them sat enraptured throughout the entire show. Although there were a lot of children, not once did I hear a complaint or cry. They came dressed in their Annie shirts and dresses, some with their hair in curls. The clutched "Sandy" plush dogs and carried flowers to give their friends who participated in the show.

I started by saying that Annie is the perfect show for the times and I'll end by saying it's also the perfect introduction to true theatre for any age. The story line is great, the music is fantastic, the acting superb. The venue is stunning and once you've introduced someone to theatre at the Fabulous Fox they'll be hooked forever on quality.

If you don't have your tickets find a way to scrape the dollars together to take the family. Tickets start at $18 and that's a steal! Visit our main site: It's only here through Sunday, so grab your tickets fast.

More info via Wikipedia:

Here's a YouTube video showing some of the many Annies from 1977 through 2006 (or 2008). Wish it had this Annie, she did great, as did the other performers. Top notch.

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