Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Book Review: The Gulf Coast Oil Spill: Poor Little Pelican + A Kidreports Photo-Documentary

Last spring, the Gulf Coast Oil Spill had us all wondering about the oil gushing into the water and being brought to shore by either waves or storms.  What effect did it have on the animals?  How did our young children see this event?

A great new children's book by well known author Carole Marsh has just been released.  This charming story unfolds at the beginning of the oil spill when some young pelicans are out on a morning's adventure.  They soon find something is amiss with the appearance of the Dark Shadow and its effect on a young pelican friend.

Children will eagerly follow the pelicans' plight as they get a helping hand from the local children who are assisting the oil covered pelicans.

This story brings the headlines of the summer to a level where young children can understand the events of the oil spill on the environment.  Followed by a photo documentary by a Gulf Coast girl named Erin, students will learn how our environment and wildlife were affected by the spill.

The book has wonderful reproducible activities for children as they explore the environment.  Marsh has once again brought educators and parents a wonderful resource tool for our children.

The book is available through Gallopade International at www.gallopade.com.

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