Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grandcamp Adventures™ Releases New Game for Grandparents and Grandkids

GrandCamp Adventures, the creator of entertaining and educational storybooks, music, games and activities created especially for grandparents and grandkids, is bringing the fun and mystery of the secret handshake to the grandparent-grandkid relationship with the launch of its “Shake It Up!” game. The new game ties directly to the company’s “Here We Go!” adventure storybook in which a pair of intrepid Grandparents and their three Grandkids must demonstrate a secret handshake to get past the palace guard of an English castle.

Now available at and in high quality specialty retail stores around the country, “Shake It Up!” contains 24 cards that picture real handshake moves and gestures. The cards are the basis for hours of fun with three different activities.

(1) Grandparents and Grandkids can combine handshake pictures to create their own special secret handshake.
(2) The reverse side of the cards can be arranged as a large floor puzzle featuring a scene from the GrandCamp Adventures “Here We Go!” storybook.
(3) The cards are also used to play a memory game as provided for in the instructions. Players can also continue on by creating their own games with the cards for even more hours of fun together.

“What kid doesn’t love doing a ‘high five’?” said Ron Bachman, who, along with his wife Beverly, was among the early testers of the Shake It Up! game. “Our Grandkids already loved the storybook and so playing a game that put us all into the story is a natural. We now have our own secret handshake that we use whenever we get together with the Grandkids.”

With the introduction of the Shake It Up! game, the “Here We Go!” adventure now includes the storybook, a music CD by the same name, and the handshake game. According to company CEO Patricia Babuka, the company will release another game for this adventure within the next 45 days and will introduce its “Here We Go!” plush animals this summer.

“Much like the movie industry rolls out a film and then surrounds it with games, music, and other merchandise, we start with a storybook for Grandparents and Grandkids and then link to it with our own custom music, games, crafts, and plush animals. Each of our storybooks represents a new ‘adventure,’ or line of products, where everything ties to that particular story,” Babuka said.

Visit the company online at to learn more about GrandCamp Adventures and visit this link to the “Shake it Up!” secret handshake game to see it for yourself!

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