Saturday, August 15, 2009

Last night for Hippifest and it's a must-be-there-event!!!

No matter where you are in Atlanta... no matter where you are in the state of Georgia... hop into your VW or your van and head to Peachtree City for Hippiefest!!!

Tonight is the last night of this jam-packed musical night of flat out fun, fun, fun. Humor, history and loads of surprisingly good music will keep you swaying, clapping and singing along until the end.

Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night fame ends the show with his powerful voice singing One (is the loneliest number), Joy to the World (Jeremiah was a bullfrog...), and other songs you'll instantly recognize and love, no matter what your age.

Flo & Eddie of Turtles fame host the event and then, right before Negron, they wow you with some of the very memorable Turtles hits.

Mitch Ryder had everyone up on their feet... think CC Rider and other great Detroit Wheels rock n' roll music.

I'd love to have heard more from Badfinger! They had loads of hits and unfortunately we only heard a few. Of course, that was true of all the bands on tap last night at the first Hippiefest show in Peachtree City at The Fred.

Who doesn't remember Brewer & Shipley's "One Toke Over the Line"? They open the show, and start everyone rockin'.

The only problem I had with the entire show is there's a bit of downtime between each act. The momentum gets revved up and then there's peace and quiet for just long enough to lose the high. Oh man, does that ever remind you of the 60's and 70's? I went with my two sisters and we made quite a few jokes about that one... Granted we were just babes back when some of this music was popular, but we still grew up listening to it all and could sing every word (thankfully it was loud or those around us would have cleared out.... singing is not one of our better talents).

Dig out your tie-dye, bell bottoms, head bands, scarf tops, platform shoes, dangling jewelry or whatever you have that reminds you of the 70's*, then pack your cooler (food, beer & wine allowed) and go to The Fred tonight. The only allowable excuse for NOT going is if you happen to have tickets to see GREASE with Taylor Hicks at the Fox.

Psychedelic. Flower Power. Peace. Love... and all that stuff.

Tickets at or call The Fred Box office at 770-631-0630.

*there's a good mix of those who get in the mood and dress up, and those who come in regular style dress. It's an outdoor concert and a beautiful venue. Food and beverages are available. Tickets are still available. Bring your blanket and sit on the lawn!

For more information, please see the tour's official site at (I'm getting on the list so I'll be sure to find out where Hippiefest 2010 is going to be... )

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