Saturday, August 22, 2009

You really do have "Fun at The Fred"

Two for One tickets for Peter Cetera (tonight) at

The Fred? What's a Fred you ask? "The Fred" is short for the Frederick Brown Jr Amphitheater in Peachtree City, Georgia. It's an outdoor amphitheater with a fantastic sound system, tables, food, regular and lawn seating and a great line up of concerts every year.

This year Kenny Loggins, LeAnn Rimes, Get Back! (the cast of Beatlemania), The Beach Boys, The Spinners, The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra, Hippiefest (4th annual), Peter Cetera and Amy Grant are and were part of the line-up.

Tonight is Peter Cetera's final night at The Fred. I went last night and was surprised. I like Chicago and I like Peter Cetera, but wasn't jumping up and down about seeing him. My mistake... it was a great, absolutely first-rate, concert.

Not only is his voice in tip-top condition, but the songs he's written are amazing. I had no idea he had touched so many in his career.

It's interesting going to concerts of some of the "oldies" (not that there's anything old about Cetera!). I love going to the concerts, but many didn't do much after their peak back in the 70's or 80's or whenever. The concerts are like a walk down memory lane. Loads of fun, but nothing new. Sometimes you can really tell that the voices have had some wear and tear, songs are changed slightly to accommodate aging voices.

None of that is true with Cetera. His voice got stronger as the night went on. He has continued to be "more than Chicago" through the years and has a prominent solo career. I had forgotten how many songs he has done!

The band and backup singers with him last night were stellar. I would buy a CD by his female singer, Kim Keyes. Phenomenal talent! Ditto Bruce Gaitsch, lead guitar. He does an outstanding song about 3/4 of the way through the concert that I'll buy if it's on a CD somewhere. Every band member is a stand-alone great talent... put them together, add Peter Cetera into the mix and WOW!

There are still tickets for tonight's concert. If you go to you'll see two links on the front page for 2-for-1 tickets! What a bargain...

p.s. yours truly had backstage passes so I had my picture made with Cetera. Good looking guy... from all angles

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